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With Reliable Energy Solutions Since 1980

Energy Is What We Do

DIP, Global Commodities Trading


We are dedicated to providing comprehensive information about energy solutions, including energy market studies. Our team of experts is committed to helping individuals, businesses, and organisations navigate the complex world of energy systems and technologies.


We provide diverse resources, including customised energy plans, regulatory compliance advice, and the integration of renewable energy sources into existing energy systems. Our energy market studies provide valuable insights into supply and demand trends, regulatory frameworks, and pricing structures, enabling our clients to make informed decisions about their energy use, investments, and strategies. We enable our clients to optimise their energy production and consumption, reduce costs, and mitigate their environmental impact, while also promoting sustainable growth and development in the energy sector.​

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Commodity Brokerage 

A one-stop destination to a wide-pool of options related to oil and gas brokerage. We provide end-to-end services, including trading in crude oil, natural gas, refined products, and other related commodities. Our team of experienced brokers has in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and can offer customised advice and solutions to clients across various sectors, including energy producers, refiners, and traders. We provide real-time market data, technical analysis, and other tools to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and make informed investment decisions.

Our brokerage services also include risk management solutions, hedging strategies, and regulatory compliance advice, enabling our clients to manage their exposure to market volatility and mitigate their risks effectively.


Ship Brokerage


As part of our expertise, we also extend a broad range of solutions, including the chartering, sale, and purchase of ships, as well as ship management and consultancy services. 

We collaborate with various clients, such as ship owners, operators, and charterers, providing them with sound advice and guidance on market trends, and other

industry-related aspects.


Who We Are

About us

DI Petroleum is one of the fastest growing energy houses around the world, focusing on innovation and setting new industry standards. We purchased between 5 - 7 million MT of various energy products over the years.


We are a mixture of talented and passionate academics, traders, and industry experts.


DI Petroleum consists of a consortium located in a handful of offices around the world – from Panama and Kuwait to Rotterdam and Abu Dhabi.


Year of Establishment


Group Projects Completed


Group Workforce


Group Business Partners

Our Capabilities

We offer a range of services to meet our clients' need

With a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and the unique challenges it faces in terms of energy solutions.

Some of Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

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