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1A jet fuel is a clean and efficient aviation fuel with high energy density and combustion efficiency. It has low sulfur content and is widely used in commercial and military aircraft operations globally.


Light crude oil is a high-quality, low-density petroleum that is easy to extract, transport, and refine. It is characterized by its high gasoline content, low sulfur content, and high demand in global refineries.


Heavy crude oil is dense and difficult to refine, but is abundant in many regions. Despite its challenges, it remains important for the global energy industry.


LPG is a versatile and efficient hydrocarbon gas used for heating, cooking, and transportation. It's stored under pressure in liquid form and produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels. It's also popular for vehicles due to its portability and clean-burning properties.


Blended crude oil is a mixture of different types of crude oil used to improve quality or create a product that meets specific demand. It requires careful selection and precise control of the blending ratios. It's widely used by refineries to meet energy demands.


D2, also called diesel fuel, is a petroleum-derived liquid fuel used in diesel engines. It's versatile, energy-efficient, and widely used in transportation, construction, and agriculture. Its popularity endures despite competition from alternative fuels.

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